Created on June 30, 2008.

On June 30, 2008 was approved by the www.java.net ALJUG project that aims to help Java developers in the state and elsewhere in the world. It all started when , one day , searching over a doubt part of a java code I found the same doubts for Alagoas , then came the question , why not join forces and together try to solve this problem , from that came the idea founding ALJUG . Another objective is to gather all Java developers state to unite and help to provide solution to any and all who needed , disclose the Alagoas community , put up an ad on the site so GUJ alagoanos knew that there was a group of Java user in the state , made ​​a community on orkut , made ​​a blog with the help of Alan Matthew who now works in recife.Outro our goal is not only to stay in the capital , but expanding knowledge from tip to tip of the state, a journey of events to publicize the group, but found difficulty but did not give up to go in the interiors of our state to disclose even to places of greater distância.Estivemos also present in ancient OSUM with aljug name, we declare to the most knowledgeable professionals in the state, were not all , but those who knew , for example : Ricardo Rubens , Hélio Martins and appreciate the support given the two . We also thank those who helped in the desing where we had the help of Emmanuelle Angelo , and Daniel G. Dantas also thank CEJUG , which at first took our questions regarding how to establish a Java user group , By Elton P. Lima it also gave us a strength and also thank James Argolo who initiated the idea of ​​creating a forum for further discussions of the topic JAVA but I have no news of what happened that did not work . However , we continue to this day in the battle to go further , but we will not alone , we must have the cooperation of all , it is crucial that you are with us this tireless walk this journey to put the name of the State of Alagoas where there is a large acting potential in this area . We give importance to digital inclusion , the sense of being free to choices.